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Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

It has been a while since I have done an update but these last few weeks have been full of exams after exams. It is currently week 8 and I can not believe trimester 1 is halfway over! I still feel like I started just yesterday.

These last few weeks have been full of exams but have also still been filled with meeting new people. I feel like I meet a new person at least once if not twice a day. The perk of being a Tri 1 student is that all the upper tri students what to know how you are doing and how they can help. It can be a bit overwhelming and easy to just say doing okay and move on. But that is exactly what you should not do! I have started to realize that just saying you are okay does not get you anywhere! Yes, it makes it seem like you have it all together but what if you could figure out a way to do your school work better, or what classes you should be focusing on more, or how to prepare for the future?

I try not to be super future-oriented because I find that I get overwhelmed and stressed out if my plan does not work but having an idea of what is to come never hurts.

There is this weird idea out there that there are such things as stupid questions. It is easy for a teacher to say this idea is not true but I know deep down most people feel dumb for not knowing the answers to their own questions. It's because we believe it will make us look weak, vulnerable, or not good enough. But if I have learned anything in these past few weeks is that vulnerability and asking for help are the only way you will get through the world. When I get the chance to express how I feel in the program it gives me the opportunity to learn from other students previous mistakes and/or achievements.

You will not know everything in this program! That is a fact! But this is where the growth will happen. I would have never thought I would be touching someone and saying "I am feeling for you PSIS", "This is you XYZ bone", "Your lower thoracic vertebrae are tight". But growth only happens when you are uncomfortable. This might mean asking that question that you might think is dumb but it will open up the door to figuring out what you were doing (or not doing) all along. I know this might sound cheesy and that asking questions should be easy to do but I know in the back of most people's heads they are afraid of being judged for the question they are asking. I know this because I do it all the time!

It is so much easier to search it up on Google or Chatgpt. But when you ask a REAL person you also get the experience that does along with the answer. For example, in motion palpation club I learn how to prep for a side lying adjustment and a kick stance side lying adjustment. For most women, a kick stance adjustment would not be as beneficial because of how flexible they are compared to men. This is why you would do a side-lying adjustment instead for a kick stance...most of the time. But you want to know how I learned that.....because I tried doing a kick stance instead of a side-lying on my female partner and it was a STRUGGLE. When one of the reps of the club notice my struggle they came to help and explain why this technique is not always the best for women. I would have never known if I didn't mess up.

Failure is not a bad thing and neither is asking questions. If someone thinks you are dumb for asking a question that is more about them than it is about you. You are just curious and trying to figure things out and that's okay. Never be afraid to ask someone a question because that answer might be the next door you need to open for your next step in life or the next A on your test 😉.

Here's to not being afraid to ask questions 🙋‍♀️

Have you ever been afraid to ask a question in fear of being judged?

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